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Mini VCI Techstream Review on Lexus RX470

Publié le 23/01/2018 à 08:31, Paris - Charles-de-Gaulle
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I decided to share something for the Lexus LX470 diagnostics. 
The choice is such a device:

scanner "Toyota Mini VCI TIS Techstream J2534 OBDII" with the software v.10.00.028.

According to the description, with its help (+ laptop) it is possible to test the work of engine, transmission, ANS, ABS, SRS, etc., i.e. You can check the operation of the sensors and actuators of these systems, register new sensors. 
The program is installed only on 32-bit system, OS - Vista, W7. But in the Internet there is a description of how to install on a 64-bit OS, looked - it seems like a charm ... 

The description of the installation program is very detailed, it's hard to be mistaken in something. Connected to the connector (lower right of the corner of the drivers), I switched on the ignition (did not start). 
The program easily established, entered all the data, vehicle immediately identified.




and choose LX470


There is a table where there are all 17 vehicle systems that this scanner sees, but their status is unknown.


Click on the blue box Health Check - Health check


The system asks which blocks to check? to display tire pressure data? to save all the data? Answer - Next


The testing of systems begins

The inscription appears: Full status check! - Health check data is not displayed in real time; - Data about Lex status changes are not automatically updated; - To update the status of the car, click the Refresh field at the bottom of the screen; Continue - Continue

There is a mistake!

"C-1340" - a fault in the differential lock chain.

What does it mean - I do not know yet ... 
It's not clear how to take it off ... 
Well, that's enough for the first time. Disconnected the scanner. 
And then he noticed,

that the "OFF" indicator of the hydraulic suspension fault is on the instrument panel and the green LED is blinking nearby.

I tried to translate the suspension in the "High", "Low" - does not move ... Upset, the material itself. And it was necessary to go on business in the region. I went - the wooden suspension, you can feel every crack in the asphalt. After driving a few km. at a speed of 60-80 km / h, saw that the "OFF" indicator went out, and the suspension again became sane ... I was happy ... 
After, in the Internet I found how to check mistakes 

It turns out that I had a small screen resolution on my laptop, and I could not see the entire table, and below there is the engine icon (like "CHECK ENGINE"), but with an eraser, you have to scroll into it and all the errors will be removed :)].

Okay, let's study the materiel further!

The next day, setting up the laptop scree, again took up testing the Lexus. 
Step by step came to the screen with an error - click on the "eraser with the engine."


The text: DTC (error codes), a freeze frame of data, and the status information on the monitor will be cleared on all systems. Cleaning will take up to 3 minutes. Do you want to delete the error codes? Click - Yes

Cleaning begins

And here comes the inscription:

Clearing the fault codes failed. Do you want to try again?

I press again - the same thing appears ...
I go out of the system and I go again, again I test all systems - and here:

The system says that there are no mistakes ...

So, the error "C-1340 - fault in the differential lock chain" has retired? 
I think, yes. I 
tested the engine (Started Lexus):


at idle

under a small load - extinguished a little.

The system reacts to the load not immediately, with some delay.

Well, on the whole, Mini vci Toyota Techsteam Scanner's work is understandable, but I think I'll study it more deeply with time!


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