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How to read BMW EWS3 2D47J key data with Xprog

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It is a BMW E38 year 1997 with EWS3 immobilizer. So, 1997, e38, as I understood there M52 with 1 VANOS.
We are going to read the great and terrible MC68HC11EA9 with a 2D47J mask.

bmw-EWS3-2D47J-1 bmw-EWS3-2D47J-2

The car does not start.

When connected to the immo, I immediately got a very fast heating of the ELMOS chip on the board, up to 60 degrees and above (as indicated by the laser thermometer), and naturally the unit does not react to the key with the key, just as the indicator LED does not indicate that the unit is connected , well, in short, a 100% corpse.

Since the processor is encrypted, and the machine is far away, and you can not dump the dump, so first I try to get by with small blood and reanimate the board, namely, to change the often failing, the aforementioned, microcircuit.


She did not give a substitute for the results. The same heat. Which means only one thing – the end card, and then we have two ways – either to transplant the processor to a live board, or to read the dump and fill it into the normal and secure EWS3 block with the 0D46J processor mask, which I did.



Read data with Xprog v5.55 box programmer


All successfully read


General view of the scope of work


On the BMW EWS3 EWS4 test platform, the unit was seen, the key was identified, the relay worked.

Today I was informed that after the EWS-DME synchronization the car successfully left the service station on its own.

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