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How to set up ICOM to work with Ncs Expert WinKFP

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This guide will cover the steps required to get a genuine icom [Should work with a BMW ICOM clone] to work with the EDIABAS protocol and BMW Standard Tools 2.11. The guide assumes BMW Standard Tools has been properly installed and configured.


What you will need

    Password: {bimmerforums}


  • Plug in the ICOM into the OBDII port
  • Edit EDIABAS.INI with the following
    Interface= REMOTE
    Remotehost= “self-assigned ip address
  • Plug in the ICOM into your laptops Ethernet port
  • Wait until it self assigns an ip address
  • Open iTools radar (extract to your Program Files directory, not Program Files (x86) if 64 bit)
  • Your ICOM will appear in the window with a self assigned IP address i.e []*may be different in your case. adjust accordingly for the rest of the guide.
  • Highlight your ICOM in iTools radar and click on RESERVE*important!

That’s it! Open up INPA and the status LED’s will now work–so will the entire EDIABAS suite.

Remote.ini contains settings for both MOST and DiagBus, how do you control which one is used during flash?

  • By defining Interface = REMOTE:NAME in EDIABAS.INI


    • REMOTE:MOST (To use MOST)
    • REMOTE: DiagBus (To use DiagBus)

You can use only one bus at a time, switching require ediabas restart.


If anyone has anything to add–feel free. Have yet to make it work through into a GT1 VM (may just have to adjust subnets on the virtual network interfaces to match the IANA self assigned ip address). If you have a K+DCAN cable it may just be easier to use that for GT1.

By using this method you bypass all of this; as you can see saving yourself alot of time and headache. Since STATIC_IP is only required for EDIABAS functionality but DHCP is a must for ISTA/P, ISID usage.


1. Put this on blank txt file called “user.settings”

ConnectionMode = STATIC_IP Ip = Netmask = Gateway =

2.Set you laptop to static ip:

3.Download firmware files from ISIS server to your laptop.

4.Put file user.settings on FAT32 formated USB stick on the root of the stick.

5.Power off ICOM and connect usb stick to it.

6.Power on ICOM with stick connected and you will see the ICOM start falshing red.

7.Wait till all leds is greeen and connect ethernet cable between ICOM and your laptop and disconnect USB stick.

8.Start a webbrowser : to the ICOM and start firmware update with files witch already downloaded from server to your laptop.

10.After updates is finnish power off your ICOM for 5 minutes and power on again,after that you will see your ICOM in WSM.

Use connection mode DHCP and IP,Netmask to

Free Download BMW E-SYS 3.29.0 Psdzdata 3.61.5

Publié le 15/06/2017 à 08:08, Paris
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Latest BMW E-SYS 3.29.0 F-series coding software released here!
Here you can download BMW ESYS 3.29.0 + ESYS Launcher Premium 2.7.1 + Psdzdata V3.61.5 Lite for BMW coding!
Compatible with BMW ENET Cable and ICOM.
Note before you download:
ALL links here are free to all, NO pass!
And also try on your own risk!
E-SYS 3.29.0 setup file Download:
Psdzdata V3.61.5 Lite Download:
E-SYS Launcher Premium 2.7.1 Download:
  1. You must uninstall the existing E-SYS version before installing new E-SYS 3.29.0.
  2. E-sys Launcher Premium 2.7.1 is tested OK to launch E-SYS 3.28.1, but for E-SYS 3.29.0, haven’t tested, should work.
  3. E-SYS Launcher Premium V2.7.1 require NET Framework 4.5.2 or above.
After download ESYS 3.29.0 Program, what tools you need for BMW Coding?
BMW ENET Cable : Cheapest option for BMW F-series Coding
BMW ICOM: Allow you to fully diagnose and program more than just do coding)
Recommended: BMW ICOM NEXT or ICOM NEXT WIFI. (Next generation of ICOM A2)
Why choose E-Sys Launcher Premium to launch E-Sys software?
E-Sys Launcher Premium allows you to perform FDL coding.
– Increased default memory allocation.
– Enhanced overall System stability.
– Zero E-Sys Configuration.
– Personalized and individualized token.
– Easy-to-use.
Note: With E-Sys Launcher Premium, once “Car Series” is set, it can only be changed every 3 days, so be sure to set it correctly at first!
How to install BMW E-Sys 3.29.0?
(Steps refer to E-Sys 3.26.1 installation)
Extract E-Sys using Winrar. Right click it and click “extract here”.
Run E-Sys_Setup_3_26_1_b42487.exe
Select language, click “Next” then “I accept the agreement” then “Next”.
Click “Browse” to choose where to install E-Sys. The default location is C:\EC-Apps\ESG\E-Sys.
Set the data path for E-Sys, the default is C:\Data. Click next until the installation begins.
Click “Finish” to complete the basic installation procedure for E-sys.
Then you need to make it work.
You will see two folders, one is a “Patch” the other is “Token Generator”.
The patch folder contains 2 files
Copy the svc0x80.jar file to the lib directory (C: /EC-Apps/ESG/E-Sys/lib)
Place the E-Sys.bat (batch file) in the same directory as the .exe file. Replace the .bat file in that directory (C: /EC-Apps/ESG/E-Sys)
Use the Token Software, enter a username as you like and password.

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