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Kess V2 fw 5.028 sw 2.34 vs Kess V2 fw 5.017 sw 2.23

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KESS V2 5.017 updated version – KESS V2 5.028 is gonna happen. So, what’s the difference between Kess V2 firmware 5.028 and Kess V2 firmware 5.017?


Here you go.


1- New firmware:

2018 Kess V2: firmware 5.028

2017 Kess V2: firmware 5.017


About components improvement:

Kess V2 5.028: unknown components improvement

Kess V2 5.017: components improvement released notes –

1.. the left upper corner and the lower right corner notch size is not the same
2.More than  buzzer
3.WFs = Infineon, BCR112 NPN Digital Transistor
4.27E = ON Semiconductor NUP2105LT1G
5.6DW = NXP BC817,215 NPN Bipolar Transistor
6.A6c =MMUN2113LT1G / MMUN2113LT3G
7.K5B = BC807-25-7-F PNP Bipolar Transistor
8.Using imported Japanese Murata filter NFE61PT472C1H9L


2- New software:

Kess firmware V5.028: works with software Ksuite V2.34

Kess firmware V5.017: works with software Ksuite V2.23


3- More protocols:

KESS 5.028 now can support online 258 protocols


4- Features and functions:

Kess V2 5.017 protocol:

Kess V2 5.028 protocols:

(based on 5.017, new protocols are added!)

New! work with Simos18 blocks released after summer 2015goda.

New! work with Toyota on the protocol K-Line.

New! Have luck to work with cars LandRover/Jaguar, incl. 2017 models thru OBD.

New! work with blocks:

Ford EDC17CP05, EDC17C70, EMS24xx, SID902







5- Kess reviews:

KESS V2 5.028 Master:

(Only one review can be found online)


Well, just as we have seen, the features are appealling, and KESS V5.028 was based on famous Red PCB KESS 5.017, was the perfect replacement of kess 5.017,so in some degree,the new 5.028 kess v2 master will be a amazing ECU Flash Tools ,but it was still need to be tested and i believe, later the team will release more details about KESS V2 5.028 Master Kit,so let’s just stay tuned for more details later.

But currently,i will give my opinions toward to KESS 5.017, after all, this is the best ECU programmer For OBDII flash by far , has a good reputation no matters in terms of features, performance, functions as well as price.


KESS V2 5.017 Master:

A lot of Kess 5.017 reviews can be found online. Here list some:

Kess 5.017 red/green/blue pcb review:

Kess 5.017 Toyota review:

Kess master/slave, original/clone review:

Use Google and find more!


Reference: KESS v2 5.028 Master – a professional tool for chip-tuning ECU


KESS V2 supports all the main CAN / J1850 / K-LINE protocols and is designed to work with ECUs of cars, motorcycles and freight vehicles via a diagnostic connector (in the rarest cases, the computer has to be removed for reading on the table).


Kess 5.028 Master – the record holder for the number of supported ECUs, supports the latest ECUs (including those from 2016 vehicles) EDC17, MEV17, MED17, ACDelco Exx, Delphi DCM 3.7, Siemens Simos 10.x with the new Infenion Tricore and Renesas processors and other control units for the engine and automatic transmission (including Mercedes EGS and VW / AUDI DSG series DQ200 and DQ250).


The absolute majority of the computers are programmed via the diagnostic connector. Also, full support for the J1850 protocol is implemented, which now allows programming Ford cars and others using the j1850 (Ford Visteon EECV and others). The device works in conjunction with K-Suite software.


The interface of the software is very clear and easy to use. For each ECU, there is a detailed system of prompts, and if required – a connection scheme “on the table”. For most ECUs, a reset of the checksum of the firmware is supported. For C167 / ST10xxx / Tricore TC17xx / family processors, it is possible to work in boot mode.


Kess v2 5.028 Master is one of the most reliable and safe in the workloader and has the function of automatic backup and recovery of the computer. Also, the device constantly monitors the level of charge of the car battery and in the event of a voltage drop in a timely manner will tell you about it. The device can read-write to / from the calibration ECU, or a full flash image (where available) to the user’s choice. For read-write in a number of supported blocks, it is possible to manually adjust the exchange rate with the computer. In the same way, the Kess 2 Master loader has the function of reading and erasing errors in some computers and the reset function of the flash programming counter for the EDC16, EDC17, MED17 control units.


Note: Kess V2 firmware 5.028 is not released yet. Here just share information with you all. For sake of security, you are advised to have Kess v2 5.017 coz it’s tested and used without issues by many. will update info as soon as possible once Kess 5.028 is tested successfully and verified to work good on ECUs.

How to make Kess V2 to OBD write Subaru ECU

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Read many posts to have the pin diagrams for the Kess v2 ecu tuning master Subaru cable. And luckily, i found this:


The man has a genuine kess subaru cable., and measured the cable for someone in need.


But it seems there is something wrong.

He has the red obd connector the wrong way round

A mate in the forum also says
”what you have as pin 1 is actually pin 9 and what you have as pin 15 or should be 16 is actually pin 1
when you hold it the other way round you will see pins 4 and 5 are sticking out more than the others, these 2 pins are gnd”


Probably right. The man made up the pin numbers on the OBD connector as reference to the way he did hold the connectors in the picture.
He must have missed pin16 but that pin has no connection to the DB25 so it should not matter.


Followed the instruction, i made one and tested ok.


Connect to the battery charger


Connect jumpers under the steering wheel


The car now is in service mode


Start Kess V2 v5.017, and select Car





All done


I used it to write ECU successfully.


Ps. Something good i found when i searched info.

Maybe it would helps someone.


According to the OBD generic standard, pins 4 and 5 are designated grounds. But in the 2000-2004 wiring diagrams, pins 12 and 13 are shown as connected to ground. (According to OBDII, pins 12 and 13 are data connections.)

Here’s what the OBDII pin out is supposed to be:


Note that pins 1 to 8 are at the wider side of the connector, and 9 – 16 on the narrower side.

Here’s what Subaru shows in the 2007 (also 2005-9) wiring diagrams:


As we can see, the pin locations are the same as the OBDII standard.


And finally, here’s the way it’s shown in the pre-2005 Subaru wiring diagrams:


Note that the locations of pins 1 to 8 are on the narrower side of the connector, even though the OBDII layout has remained unchanged.

This isn’t just a question of which way the connector is viewed. Pins 1 to 8 are always on the wider side of the connector, whereas the pre-2005 diagrams have them on the narrower side.


This anomaly affects where the connections are made. As noted, in the 2005+ wiring diagrams, pin 16 is shown to be connected to the always-on 12 V. But in the pre-2005 diagrams, pin #1 goes to an always-on source, SBF-5, in the engine compartment fuse box. (There isn’t a separate fuse for the OBD connector 12 V supply.)


In addition, as noted, the apparent inversion of pin locations affects the grounds and data line identification.


So a “heads up” if you’re using 2000-2004 wiring diagrams and working with the connections to the OBD connector.

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